The Most Popular Live Dealer Casino Games To Play In 2021

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For those who regularly play at online casinos, live dealer games are a great way to emulate the brick-and-mortar experience you get in traditional casinos.

Although virtual casino table games can be a great way to play a few hands of your favorite game quickly, the human connection present in live dealer games is what makes it so enticing.

If you haven’t played on a live dealer table game yet, we highly recommend you do so in 2021!

Many players prefer live dealer games because of transparency and authenticity. Everything is done in real-time on a live dealer game, and there is no room for cheating on the table as everything is broadcast in plain sight!

Here is our list of the top live dealer casino games you must try in 2021!

live dealer casino games 2021

Top Live Dealer Casino Games In 2021

Live dealer casino games are still relatively new, and it is expected that new and more innovative games will crop up in 2021 and further future.

As internet technology becomes more advanced, the live dealer will become more immersive and entertaining.

Here are the most popular live dealer casino games in 2021: 

#1 – Blackjack VIP: Live Dealer Blackjack 

La Atlantis’ “Blackjack VIP” live dealer table is the quintessential live dealer blackjack experience.

The stakes are relatively high on the tables, starting at $50 per hand. The dealers are always friendly and up for a chat!

Have a go at the tables today at Las Atlantis, in the “Live Dealer” section.

Why Blackjack VIP Is A Top Live Dealer Game To Play In 2021

Playing blackjack at a live dealer table is a simple experience that can transport you back to simpler days when casinos were open and bustling.

The dealers at Las Atlantis’ Blackjack VIP table are professional and courteous. They do a great job at dealing hands quickly and concisely. 

Main features of Blackjack VIP:

  • $50 stake minimum per hand
  • Double down feature
  • 21+3 side bet
  • Perfect pair side bet
  • Bet behind side bet
  • Multi-hand available

#2 – Auto Roulette: Live Dealer Roulette

Auto roulette over at Red Dog is a brilliantly crafted live dealer game that gives you all the features of a physical roulette table and delivers it to players virtually.

Auto Roulette does not have a live dealer physically present, as the spins are done automatically (hence the name) via a real live-wheel with a high-quality look and feel.

Many brick-and-mortar casinos offer this service as well to expand the number of tables players can play at.

Players can rest assured that Auto Roulette is just as transparent and trustworthy as a real-life dealer.

Why Auto Roulette Is A Top Live Dealer Game To Play In 2021

Those who have been to a physical roulette table know that players can get a bit rowdy and push and shove to place their bets.

Auto Roulette eliminates all unwanted interactions and presents roulette to you in a pure form.

Seeing as the spins are automated, players can know exactly when to place their bets, and everything is completed on time. 

Main features of Auto Roulette:

  • Detailed betting board
  • Neighbors, orphans, and all side bets are available
  • Minimum stake as little as $1
  • Maximum stake as high as $1,000
  • Extensive result history data available to players for more informed bets

You can also play Live Dealer Roulette against a human dealer.

#3 – Casino Hold ‘Em: Live Dealer Video Poker 

Hold your horses – we’re not talking about Texas Hold ‘Em poker here. We’re talking about video poker.

Live dealer casino hold ‘em tables take aspects from the beloved game of traditional poker and apply it to a casino format, where the player is against the dealer.

The game can be a little complicated for newcomers, but the interface at SuperSlots makes it easier to learn.

Live dealer video poker is a great way to earn significant amounts of cash.

If you get a royal flush, you could be laughing your way to the bank! A royal flush pays out up to 100:1, and at SuperSlots casino, you can stake up to $500 per hand.

The dealers are always concise and great fun to interact with, so give it a go when you have the chance!

Why Casino Hold ‘Em Is A Top Live Dealer Game To Play In 2021

If you’re looking for a fun and interactive game that has the potential to give you huge returns, live Casino Hold ‘Em at SuperSlots is a must-play game.

There are many different board states that require a different strategy to solve it, which creates a unique experience that other live dealer games can’t emulate.

Try it out and hit the table, and let us know how you like it!

Main features of Live Casino Hold ‘Em:

  • Minimum stake of $1
  • Maximum stake of $500
  • Maximum payout of 100:1
  • Diverse strategies required to play the game
  • Fun and immersive experience

#4 – Real Baccarat: Live Dealer Baccarat 

Baccarat is one of the simplest live dealer games out there. You predict who will have the higher hand – player or banker (why they call it banker is a mystery).

If your prediction wins, then you get a 1:1 payout to double your money essentially. The return to player percentage of this game is ultra-high and a gambler’s favorite due to the ability to continually double up your money.

Real Baccarat at BetOnline is a luxurious experience with a professional and likable dealer.

There is never a dull moment when you’re playing on this table, as the dealer is continuously interacting with the players and providing commentary to entertain them.

We highly recommend you to sign up at BetOnline and give Real Baccarat a chance – it’s a great way to have fun and earn profit at the same time.

Why Real Baccarat Is A Top Live Dealer Game To Play In 2021

When a game has such a high return to player percentage, it instantly becomes a gambler’s favorite. BetOnline’s Real Baccarat is an excellent emulation of a casino classic in digital format.

The interface is easy to understand, and the gameplay is smooth and immersive.

Main features of Real Baccarat:

  • Minimum stake of $1
  • Maximum stake of $500
  • Pair side bet available
  • Double feature available
  • Result history data available to players for clarity and transparency

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Try Out The Best Live Dealer Casino Games Today!

That’s our list of the best live dealer games and best live dealer casinos out there.

Every single one provides an excellent user experience with friendly dealers and HD interfaces. Enjoy some classic traditional casino experiences at the tip of your fingers in your own home!

Play with real money, and you may just win yourself some nice profit.

All our recommended casinos are vetted, so players can rest assured that they play in a fair environment. LegitimateCasino encourages our readers to always gamble responsibly and in moderation.

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