Blackjack Tournaments Online

blackjack tournament

Online Blackjack tournaments are a fun way to play the classic blackjack game.

Players try to outsmart each other to win real money prizes by collecting the most chips. These tournaments come in different styles but always challenge your strategy and skills.

In most tournaments, everyone starts with the same number of chips and plays for a set amount of time. The goal is to have the most chips when the time ends.

Another popular type is elimination blackjack, often found at casinos with Microgaming and RTG software. In this game, players bet each round. The ones with the fewest chips at certain times are knocked out. This goes on until only one player remains.

Choosing the right casino for tournament play is important. That’s why we list the best online casinos for blackjack tournaments

Best Online Blackjack Tournaments Casinos

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2 BET LIMITS $1 - $5,000 BONUS 150% up to $3,500 Play Now
3 BET LIMITS $5 - $10,000 BONUS 100% up to $3,000 Play Now
4 BET LIMITS $5 - $5,000 BONUS 250% up to $1,500 Play Now
5 BET LIMITS $2.50 - $5,000 BONUS 150% up to $750 Play Now

Best Online Blackjack Tournaments For Real Money

Many online casinos offer blackjack tournaments for real money, but you should ensure you only play at legitimate sites.

Before playing, consider these factors:

  • Tournament Variety: Look for casinos offering standard and elimination blackjack tournaments. This will allow you to try different strategies.
  • Platform Reliability: Make sure the casino’s software is easy to use and works well, which is crucial during tournaments.
  • Prize Structures: Choose casinos that offer big prizes and share winnings fairly among the top players.

Below, our experts compiled a list of their favorite blackjack contests online:

Wild Casino – $5,000 Prize For Tournament Winner!

Wild Casino is renowned for its exciting blackjack tournaments, offering a fantastic way for players to boost their winnings and compete against others.

Wednesday Tournaments:

  • Prize Pool: $25,000 in bonuses, with the top player earning $5,000.
  • Entry Fee: $10
  • Duration: 24 hours
  • Starting Chips: 200
  • Top 50 Players: Earn a minimum of $50.

Weekend Tournaments:

  • Schedule: Runs from Friday to Monday.
  • Prize Pool: $10,000 in bonuses, with the top prize again at $5,000.
  • Entry Fee: $10
  • Top 50 Players: Also earn a minimum of $50.

Players must have made at least one successful deposit at Wild Casino to join the tournaments. The tournaments are open to all casino customers.

Scoring System

  • 1 Point: Earned for each win.
  • 3 Points: Earned for scoring a blackjack.

Prize Breakdown
The tournament prize pool is structured to reward a wide range of participants, ensuring that the top 50 players receive prizes.

The breakdown is as follows:

1st place: $120
2nd place: $100
3rd place: $80
Places 4-15: Gradually decreasing amounts from $60 to $40

Places 16-25: $30
Places 26-32: $25
Places 33-50: Gradually decreasing from $15 to $10

Wild Casino ensures fair play and adherence to the spirit of the tournament. Any attempts to manipulate results lead to forfeiture of prizes and potential account closure. Disputes are resolved by management, whose decision is final.

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BetOnline Casino – Free Tournament With $5,000 For The Winner!

BetOnline Casino hosts exciting blackjack tournaments that appeal to players of all levels. Here’s what you need to know to join the fun and start competing:

Regular Tournaments

  • Freeroll Tournaments: These run nearly every night for four hours and offer a $10,000 bonus prize pool. The winner takes home $3,000, and the top 20 players earn at least $100.
  • Buy-In Tournaments: Periodically, BetOnline offers four-day tournaments with a $10 entry fee. These also feature a $10,000 prize pool, with $3,000 for first place and prizes for the top 50, starting at $50.

Exclusive $5,000 Blackjack Tournament

  • Access: Invitation-only, via email or a special landing page.
  • Entry Fee: Free for the first entry, with $10 re-buys.
  • Schedule: Runs for a week, typically starting late June.
  • Prizes: The top 50 players share a $5,000 pool, with the winner receiving $1,500. For those ranking 31st to 50th, prizes range down to $25.
  • Bonus Conditions: Bonuses carry an 80x rollover requirement, playable on selected games excluding live casino, table games, and more.
  • Bonus Validity: 7 days from credit, after which unused bonuses are forfeited.

Tournament Structure

  • Chips: Players start with 2,000 tournament chips.
  • Rebuys: Unlimited, ensuring all players can stay competitive throughout the event.
  • Tie-Breaking: Ties in the final chip count result in split prize money among tied players.

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Super Slots Casino – $25,000 Up For Grabs!

No, they are not just a slots operation. Super Slots has blackjack tournaments like the Wednesday and weekend events at Wild Casino – a 24-hour, $25,000-midweek tournament and a four-day weekend competition for $10,000.

The Wednesday tournament runs from midnight to midnight, and the weekend event runs from midnight Friday to 11:59 p.m. Monday.

They have the same prize distributions and entry fees.

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How To Join And Play In A Blackjack Tournament At a Trusted Online Casino

  1. Find a tournament you like: Check out the recommended tournament above and find a favorite, considering the time and money you want to spend.
  2. Open an account at the online casino: If you don’t have one yet, open an account with the online casino of your choice. Casinos require players to have accounts with them to participate in blackjack tournaments.
  3. Sign up for the tournament: You should find a list of open events with entry fees and times. Sometimes, blackjack tournaments are found in the casino’s “table games” or “blackjack” sections. In other cases, they’ll have a dedicated “tournaments” or “contests” section.
  4. Pay the entry fee: if one is required, and you are ready for blackjack tournament play. Click on “join” or “play” and you’ll be playing within minutes!

Online Blackjack Tournament Rules

  • Players pay an entry fee and start with the same number of chips. You play to win the most chips.
  • The rules of conventional blackjack apply during play.
  • Players can be eliminated by rounds or play to a time limit for total chips.
  • There are 20 to 30 hands per round.
  • You can vary bet amounts according to minimum and maximum bet limits.
  • In elimination tournaments, a dealer button determines the betting order for each hand at a table.

Online Blackjack Tournament Strategy

Your blackjack tournament betting strategy depends on the type of tournament you are playing. Before applying a strategy, be sure to understand the differences between tournament types.

How to Win at A Online Blackjack Tournaments

  1. Be Aware Of Where You Stand

    First, keep in mind that you are playing against other players in a round or the tournament. Always be aware of where you stand on your table or the leaderboard.
  2. Be Conservative Early On

    Your goal early is to stay in the running, so the best blackjack tournament strategy is to be conservative in your early betting and follow a basic play system.
  3. Vary Your Strategy If You’re Doing Well

    Later in a round or tournament, you can vary your betting and strategy. You may not want to double down on an 11 or split Aces if you lead.
  4. Be Aware Of The Position Of The Dealer Button

    If you are in an elimination event, keep an eye on where the dealer button is on the table. When the button gets to you, you have the advantage of knowing how others on the table are betting

Put Your Skills To The Test In Wild Casino’s Blackjack Tournament

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How Do Online Casino Blackjack Tournaments Work?

Online casino tournaments usually take two forms: elimination tournaments, in which players battle it out over several rounds, and accumulation tournaments, in which players win as many chips as possible over a specific time.

Players divide prizes according to chip-count standings. To play at an online casino, you often need an account and pay an entry fee.

  • Elimination Tournaments

    The elimination tournaments go by rounds, usually with 20 to 30 hands per round. Everyone starts with the same number of chips and plays at tables of three to six players. The top one or two chip holders at the end of a round advance to another table and round. The final round’s chip leader gets the grand prize, and the other finalists divide the remaining prizes.

  • Non-Elimination Tournaments

    The non-elimination tournament or accumulation tournaments have a time limit and a leaderboard to know where you stand in the competition. Each player tries to end up with the most chips by the end of the designated time. The prize distribution usually goes 20 to 50 players deep.

The length of the tournaments varies according to the format. You can find events that last from hours to days.

Live Blackjack Tournament Setups

There are different types of blackjack tournaments you can play. Make sure you understand the rules of the tournament you’ll be joining before you sign uo

1) Elimination Tournaments

live dealer casino blackjack tournaments

These are the most popular real-money blackjack tournaments at land-based and online casinos. In these contests, gamblers compete with each other at individual tables for the most chips. The ones who win the most chips after a round advance to the next round.

In some of these events, low-chip players go out after each round’s 8th, 16th, 25th, or 30th hands.

2) Non-elimination or Accumulation Tournaments

In this type of live blackjack tournament, players compete for the most chips against everyone else in the entire tournament over a specified amount of time. A leaderboard helps players know where they stand as the event progresses. Winnings are distributed to 20 or more players according to how they finish.

3) Sit ‘N’ Go Tournaments

These are live blackjack tournaments with a small number of players, sometimes as few as six. The contest doesn’t start until a table is filled. Depending on how the chips run, they can last a few minutes or hours. The chances of winning are good, but the prizes are small.

Freeroll Tournaments

These events have no cost but an award of some sort. They can be elimination or accumulation tournaments and sometimes are qualifiers for bigger tournaments.

Join a blackjack Tournament Online – Expert Tips

Join a blackjack tournament at a legitimate online casino

Blackjack tournaments online are a great way to test your skills against other players while having fun and making real money. You can play from your desktop or laptop computer or even on the go from your mobile device!

On this page, you’ve learned about the different types of contests available and their costs, prizes and types of play. Make sure to pick the one that best fits your needs and expectations.

And always remember to play at legitimate online casinos, such as the ones we’ve recommended.

If you enjoy the online casino tournament experience, slots and roulette tournaments are also available at some casino sites. Check them out!