Let It Ride Poker

Let It Ride Poker

Let It Ride is a variation of five-card stud, based on a poker hand formed by three own cards and two community cards. The aim of each player at a Let It Ride poker table is to win the pot that contains all the wagers placed by the players. 

This real money game is also commonly known as Let ‘Em Ride Poker at some online casinos. Due to the game’s nature and payout potentials, it rapidly became a favorite of gamblers.

Another reason why this game caught the attention of players is that it’s a game of luck more than skill. However, having a good strategy is an added advantage, especially if you are looking to limit your risks and receive high payouts.

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How To Play Let It Ride Poker

  1. Let It Ride features three betting spots for the same chip value. As the game progresses, players can either Continue without betting or Raise by betting the same amount as their initial wager.

    You will find these spots labeled as ANTE, RAISE, and RAISE at some online casinos. They may be named (1), (2), and ($) at other casinos.

  2. After placing your initial bet on the ANTE spot, players are dealt three cards face down. These are your specific player cards and are important for making decisions during the round.

    The dealer will place two community cards face down. Players will use their three cards, plus the two community cards to make a 5-card poker hand.

  3. After the player has made their second round of betting based on their initial three cards, the dealer will reveal the first community card. The player can make the same choices once again, Continue or Raise.
  4. After this final decision, the dealer will then reveal the second community card. At this point, the potential five-card hand is decided and the winnings are paid out. Depending on the type of poker hand you have, you will get a different payout.
Let It Ride Poker gameplay

Two Chances To Fold & Recover Partial Bets

A feature that makes Let It Ride Poker unique from other poker variation is that players are given two chances to withdraw one-third of their initial budget.

  • A player gets the first opportunity after he looks at his hand before the first community card is revealed. If the player feels that his hand value is not strong for the bets on the table, he could withdraw his bets.
  • The second chance comes after the first community card is revealed. On either of the two occasions, players can reduce or withdraw their bets. However if a player chooses not to withdraw or return a bet, the player is said to be “letting it ride”. 

Let It Ride Pay Table

When a player has a winning hand after the second community card is face-up, his remaining wager is paid based on a payout table.

Royal Flush1,000:1
Straight Flush200:1
Four of a Kind50:1
Full House11:1
Three of a Kind3:1
Two Pair2:1
Pair of 10s or Better1:1

There may be little variations in how casinos pay-out. Usually a Royal flush is the highest win, and a pair of 10s represents the lowest paying hand. Anything below it, like a pair of nines, is a losing hand and you would lose your bet.

Where To Play Let It Ride Poker Online

The most important factor for you to check when choosing a casino to play Let It Ride online is legitimacy.

Below you will find our top-rated casinos that have Let It Ride poker game available for you:

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Let It Ride Odds

Let It Ride has two different odds systems for the general gameplay and side bet featured in the game; five-card hands and three-card hands.

The chances of a player hitting the winning combinations on the paytable depend on the card hands you bet on.

We have made these odds calculations easier for you by presenting them in a detailed way below.

Let It Ride Odds On Five-Card Hands

Playing on the 5-card poker hand means you are expected to get your winning hand with your three own cards and the two community cards. Here are the Let It Ride odds you will be working with:

Royal Flush1 in 649,704
Straight Flush1 in 72,193
Four of a Kind1 in 4,165
Full House1 in 694
Flush1 in 509
Straight1 in 255
Three of a Kind1 in 47
Two Pair1 in 21
Pair of 10s or Better1 in 4
Any Pair1 in 2

Let It Ride Odds On Three-Card Hands

Let It Ride features a side bet that allows you to stake on your three hold cards. You can bet that the three cards you are dealt would be a winning hand on a payable that starts from a pair, up to a mini royal flush.

Here are the odds of winning with a three-card hand:

Mini Royal Flush1 in 5,200
Straight Flush1 in 460
Three of a Kind1 in 425
Straight1 in 31
Flush1 in 20
Pair1 in 6
High Card1 in 2

Let ‘Em Ride Side Bets

Most casinos offer $1 chips that allow you to place a side bet in Let It Ride. The side bet qualifies you for bonus payouts.

The two main side bets on Let It Ride Poker include three-card and five-card bonus bets. Here is more information on the two types of side wagers.

Three Card Bonus Payouts

The three-card bonus bet shares a distinct similarity with the “pair plus” wager. It rewards players based on the strength of their first three cards; if it’s a pair or better.

Payouts for this bet include:

Mini Royal Flush50:1
Straight Flush40:1
Three of a Kind30:1

Just like the “pair plus bet”, the 3-card bonus bet is referred to as a sucker bet because it’s bonuses aren’t as high as ones you get for playing standard let it ride. Besides the house edge for this bonus bet is higher.

Five Card Bonus Payouts

The five-card bonus bet is based on standard five-card poker paytable. In most casinos, the 5-card bonus, any hand less than a 3 of a kind like a pair of 10s or better is a loss.

You could also get up to a 20,000:1 payout (Royal flush) which is equivalent to many slot jackpots.

Here is what you will find on a 5-card bonus paytable:

Royal Flush20,000:1
Straight Flush2,000:1
Four of a Kind400:1
Full House200:1
Three of a Kind5:1

Let It Ride Strategy & Tips

Let It Ride is mainly a game of luck since you won’t be playing against the dealer nor the players. However, having a good strategy with your three hole cards and the first community card will be very helpful in increasing your success rate at the game.

First Three Cards Strategy

The best strategy you can apply after you have been dealt your first three cards is to hold and let it ride if:

  • Any paying hand (a pair of 10s or better)
  • Any three cards that make up a royal flush
  • Three consecutive suited cards, except for 2-3-4 and A-2-3
  • Three cards that can make up a Straight Flush, one gap, with one or more high cards
  • Three cards to a straight flush, two gaps, with two high cards of 10 or higher

First Community Card Strategy

After being dealt four cards, you should let it ride if you have;

  • Any paying hand, like a pair of 10’s or better, 3 of a kind or two pairs
  • Any four suited cards 
  • Any four cards to an Outside Straight, with at least one high card of 10 or better
  • Any four cards to an outside straight, with no high card
  • Any four cards to an inside straight, with four high cards

Terms You Should Know When Playing

Inside straight: where one card is missing in the middle 

Outside Straight: Straight draw with four consecutive cards.

High card: 10s or higher

One gap: 3-card draw with one gap in between

Two gaps: Three-card draw with two gaps

What Makes Online Let It Ride A Great Game

Playing Let It Ride at online casinos comes with its perks that you would not likely get at a land-based casino.

You can stake as little as $1 per hand. That’s the lowest minimum bet you will get at a Let It Ride poker table, and it’s only available online. 

While playing online, you get to control your game speed; you get to decide when your three cards are dealt. Also, playing let it ride online opens you up to a whole lot of bonuses and rewards like welcome bonuses, cashback and free spins.

You can withdraw your winnings using various easy and secure payment methods online.

Let It Ride FAQ

Is it safe to play Let It Ride online?

Yes, there are several sites online that offer you a safe and secure environment to enjoy the game of Let It Ride. We recommended some online casinos that are licensed, have security encryption in place, and upholds fair play.

How do I win in Let It Ride?

You mainly secure a win in Let It Ride when you have a winning a 5-card poker hand with your three cards and two community cards.

Do I need a strategy to win?

Though not compulsory, using a proper strategy while playing Let It Ride can help you reduce the house edge. We have covered the best strategy to use while holding three cards and four cards in our strategy section.

What is the lowest paying hand in Let It Ride?

The lowest paying hand in Let It Ride across all online casinos is a pair of 10’s or better at 1:1.

What are the side bets available in Let It Ride?

Let It Ride features two main side bets, mainly the Three Card Bonus Payouts and Five Card Bonus Payouts. We explained them in detail above. 

Start Playing Let It Ride Today!

Let It Ride Poker is an interesting game and can be really rewarding too when you get the knack of it.

Since it’s a game of luck, you don’t need much skill. Having a good strategy can go a long way in determining whether you get a payout or not. 

It is also important to only play at safe and legitimate online casinos. Our list of recommended online casinos is a great option to pick from.

And if you’re into poker variations, check out Let It Ride Poker as well!