Blackjack Switch

Blackjack Switch is one of the most entertaining versions of the many different types of blackjack card games that offer players the option of switching cards between two hands to build better hands.

It is relatively new to online casinos, but some casinos have picked up the casino game to the players’ delight. Nevertheless, for a player to have an overall delightful experience while playing Real Money Blackjack Switch, you must play at a safe and legitimate online casino.

Not to worry though, our editorial team has done all the heavy lifting for you and in our ultimate guide, you’ll find all of our recommended safe and reputable online casinos that are just the right sites for taking a shot at this fun and exhilarating casino game.

Top Casinos To Play Blackjack Switch Online

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What is Blackjack Switch?

This version of blackjack is similar to playing traditional blackjack, only with two hands for each player. The “switch” part allows you to switch the top cards of your two-player hands to make better hands.

Our game in question payouts and strategies are a bit different, too- If the dealer gets 22, it is a push, rather than bust to the dealer.

Basics of Blackjack Switch

How to Play Blackjack Switch Online For Real Money

  1. Each player wagers an equal amount on each of two areas for hands.
  2. Players are dealt two hands of cards face up, while the dealer has one card up and one down.
  3. You make the switch decision on your two top cards. You don’t have to switch if you have two great hands.
  4. Then each player can hit, stand, double down, or split, just like standard blackjack.
  5. The dealer reveals, deals out, and players win or lose accordingly.

Best Online Blackjack Switch Casinos

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Blackjack Switch Rules

Although this version of blackjack partakes similar gameplay with the conventional version, it emphasizes some special and different rules. The distinctions in the rules of this version of blackjack are as follows:

  1. Each player plays two hands with equal bets.

  2. The dealing procedure is the same as the traditional blackjack.

  3. The player has the option of switching top cards.

  4. The dealer must hit 17 or less, but the dealer 22 is a tie or push.

  5. Most tables allow a second split and double down after a split.

  6. Blackjack pays 1:1 rather than 3:2.

Blackjack Switch House Edge

If you play this games hands as you would in regular blackjack, the house edge is around 0.60%.

However, you can trim that house edge even more by deploying some particular strategies. The sound return makes blackjack Switch a favorite in any online casino.

Side Bets

One of the fun aspects of playing this version of blackjack is the opportunity for a side bet. At most tables, that wager is called Super Match.

With Super Match, you may place a wager on the designated area, and if two or more of your cards match, you receive a bonus payout before the rest of the deal. One pair pays 1:1; three of a kind 5:1; two pairs 8:1; and four of a kind pays 40:1.

Blackjack Switch Odds of Winning

Your chances of winning work both ways when playing at Blackjack Switch casinos. On the plus side, you get to switch top cards, and the dealer has to hit 17.

On the minus side, getting blackjack pays just 1:1, and the dealer receives a push rather than bust with a 22.

On balance, your odds of winning are healthy at a Blackjack Switch table.

Nevertheless, this game is among the best for player returns in an online casino.

The ability to switch cards in two hands certainly gives players a better chance of beating the house. And it is even better with the dealer having to hit 17. 

But two other rules give back some of that advantage. First, getting blackjack pays just 1:1, as opposed to 3:2 in standard blackjack, then the player’s hands are a tie or push if the dealer has 22, no matter what a blackjack player has.

RTP And Payouts

Return To Player (RTP) Ratings For Standard Blackjack And Blackjack Switch:

Blackjack Game RTP Rating
Standard Blackjack 99.5%
Blackjack Switch 99.4%
Blackjack Switch + Strategy 99.7%

Basic And Super Match Side Bet Payouts:

Blackjack Odds
All Wins, Blackjack 1:1
Super Match One Pair 1:1
Super Match Three of a Kind 5:1
Super Match Two Pair 8:1
Super Match Four of a Kind 40:1

Blackjack Switch Basic Strategy

This version of blackjack relies on chance and strategy to succeed. You will always be one step ahead when you know the complete basic strategy to use for the player hands you are apportioned.

The main basic strategy new players should know in this game is defining the dealer’s up card and then defining the player’s hands using the WLPC switch strategy.

Knowing this and other concepts like how to balance your hands improved your chances of winning when playing your first blackjack switch casino games.

Defining The Dealer’s Up Card

Like in blackjack, the upcard that the dealer shows helps you decide how to go forward. For instance, a 6 is a bad card, and you can stand with just about anything above 12 and have a decent chance of winning.

Although with Blackjack Switch, the push-22 rule changes your options slightly when the dealer shows certain cards. Generally, there are fewer instances in which a split or double down is advisable and more cases in which you would hit and risk a bust.

Defining The Players Hands With The WLPC Switch System

One strategy for winning Blackjack Switch is the “winner, loser, push and chance“, also known as the WLPC approach. This strategy calls for deciding on a switch by comparing each hand to the dealer card into one of the four categories.

WLPC Example
Winner A-7 vs. 7 or 19 vs. 2.
Loser 16 vs. 8 or 5 vs. 8
Push 19 vs. 9 or A-7 vs. 8
Chance 3-7, 12-17 vs. 2-6; 2-2,3-3 + 6-6

Switching Strategies

A good rule to follow when switching is if the dealer shows a 7 or 8, one should try to balance his/her hands to make them as even as possible. If the dealer has another up card, the player should make the best hand from one of their hands.

If the player desires to make their chances of winning a little better, it would be best if they consider one of these strategies:

Simple Switch Strategy

  • Value your hands according to strength.
  • Rank your hands according to the table below

Additional Tips For Simple Switching

Against dealers 7 or 8, balance the hands, making the weaker hand as strong as possible.

With any other dealer upcard, make the best of the higher hand, using the value of hands.

When in doubt, make the most substantial single hand possible from this list, in order of strength:

  • 7 or 17
  • Any hand that should split
  • Each 12
  • All 13


  • With A, A + 3,8 — keep the aces together
  • With A, A + 2,9 — keep the aces together if the dealer has 2-6
  • With A, A + 2,8 — keep the aces together

Advanced Switching Strategy

This strategy assigns 0 to 3 points for the player’s hand vs. the dealer, 3 being the best hand. Each hand value and points:

advanced blackjack switching strategy card

Add up the points for each hand for both ways to play them, and play the one with the more significant number of issues. If you tie, use the simple strategy.

Blackjack Switch Strategy Card

Blackjack Switch Strategy Card

Blackjack Switch Frequently Asked Questions

How many decks are used in a Blackjack Switch game?

Most tables use four to eight decks. As in regular blackjack, the house odds increase slightly with more decks. Generally, 4 to 8 decks are used.

Does Blackjack Switch have better odds than standard blackjack?

Playing with strategies makes your odds of winning better in Blackjack Switch. It would be best to employ a basic strategy for switching and a strategy of play after the switch. Switch odds of winning are better than standard blackjack if you play with a strategy.

When does the dealer bust in Blackjack Switch?

The dealer busts with hands valued at 23 or more. If the dealer turns a 22, it is a push, no matter what the player has. It’s a variation added to help the house—dealer busts at 23 or more.

When is it acceptable to switch in Blackjack Switch?

A general rule is to build your best single blackjack hand unless you face a 7 or 8 dealer up card. Against a 7 or 8, it would be best if you try to balance your two hands.