Random Number Generator & Fair Online Gambling

Random Number Generator And Fail Gambling

Have you ever wondered if an online casino game is rigged? You’re not alone. Many people have a difficult time believing an intangible machine is always fair. At the dawn of internet gambling, very few rules were in place, which was a legitimate concern. 

Since then, a lot has changed, and casinos are now regularly tested for fairness. This page will cover how the mechanism known as an RNG works and where you can find certified fair casino games online.

What Is A Random Number Generator In Online Gambling?

Random Number Generator In Online Gambling

Casinos need to maintain a good reputation, and one of the key ways they do that is by guaranteeing unbiased results. Online gambling sites use RNGs to generate the outcomes of a game, guaranteeing they are fair for both parties.

A random number generator (RNG) is a mathematical algorithm that generates a string of numbers without any pattern or discernment. It’s the computational equivalent of picking a card from a deck.

With the advent of RNGs, programmers realized it’s difficult to get a computer to create random outcomes as they are built to follow commands. In turn, they developed the pseudo-random number generator (PRNG), which uses a mathematical equation to generate unpredictable results from a seed number. That allows them to mimic complete entropy efficiently.

RNG Casino Software

A few major companies provide third-party auditing services, such as iTech Labs, BMM TestLabs, Gaming Labs International, and eCOGRA.

Certification guarantees the online casino is tested for randomness. Leading software developers such as BetSoft also submit to screening. They undergo a rigorous testing process in order to gain approval. 

You can tell online casinos and games meet the standard for fairness by looking for a license and an RNG certification on the site.

Process For Obtaining An RNG Certificate

Developers and casinos submit their games to a technical testing agency that subjects them to thousands of plays. They then analyze the data, and if they determine the results to be truly random, they will certify it as safe.

Can You Cheat RNG Software?

RNG software could, in theory, get hacked, but it’s highly improbable since it is such a complex algorithm. That’s not to say people haven’t made attempts. Computer technician Ron Harris landed himself in prison for hacking the Keno algorithm in 1995. However, this is rare as the process is extremely unachievable for most people.

As far as casinos go, they have no interest in manipulating the RNG. Beyond having to meet strict regulations and uphold a solid reputation, they always have the advantage over the player anyway.

What Casino Games Use RNG Software?

Online casinos use RNGs to determine the outcomes for almost all of their games. Whether it’s digitally dealing a hand in blackjack or spinning the reels of a slot machine, they are the one tool that keeps internet gambling sites fair.

Take a more in-depth look at some examples.

Online Slot Machines And Random Number Generators (RNG)

Online slots are programmed to have a consistent return-to-player rate or payback rate. The number of times the slot will hit a winning combination is called the hit frequency. RNGs randomly determine the two factors, although you likely won’t find a slot with inflated numbers for both. If the payback rate is high, the hit frequency is commonly programmed to be lower.

Blackjack And RNG

The RNG in real money blackjack works to mimic the randomness of a human dealer shuffling and dealing cards. Cards are given a numerical value within the software, and the RNG arbitrarily determines the results.

Roulette And RNG

The online roulette in casino sites is simply an animation and doesn’t have any relation to the mathematical algorithm that determines where it lands. That’s the job of the RNG which produces a random outcome instantly when you click spin and before the ball even stops moving.

Other RNG Casino Games

All other games such as Keno, bingo, craps, and baccarat use random number generators. Live dealer casinos are the one exception since they have real humans dealing with actual cards as they would in person.

Are Online Casino Games Fair?

While fairness used to be a more considerable concern, now most online casinos subject themselves to rigorous licensing procedures and game audits. As long as you’re playing at a legit, reputable casino, you don’t need to worry.

Best RNG Certified Online Casinos 2024

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Play At A RNG Certified Casino & Start Having Fun!

You can relax knowing that the casino you’re playing at has been audited and tested for safety, security, and fairness. So get ready for a good time and sign up at one of our recommended and RNG certified online casinos today.


Can online casinos modify the RNG software? 

Online casinos cannot change the random aspect of an RNG. The only control they have is using the software to determine the return to player percentage of a game.

How to identify legit RNG software online casinos?

A legit casino will have certifications upfront for you to see. They will also offer casino games from software developers that are audited and certified by independent certification bodies.

How to know if an online slot machine is not rigged?

It’s impossible to tell, which is why looking for certifications is key to finding a trustworthy online casino.