Teen Patti Online

Teen Patti Online

Teen Patti is a fun Indian casino table game that up to 10 players can play. Although it is a unique game in its own right, there are elements of Western casino games such as Poker and Blackjack present in the game.

If you are aware of basic card game rules and terminologies, Teen Patti is an easy pick-up.

If you like fast-paced gambling action, check out the list of recommended casinos that offer the game in the table below and try your hand at one of the real money Teen Patti variations they offer!

Best Online Casinos To Play Teen Patti

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We recommend the online casinos in the table above for many reasons, but we consider trustability and convenience the most important factors.

All of the casinos in the table come with two versions of Teen Patti: Teen Patti Pro and Teen Patti Rapid. There is a distinction between the two game modes, which we’ll get into in a later section, but it’s always nice to see options given to the player.

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Play Teen Patti For Real Cash

The unique feature about Teen Patti is that it is played with 3 cards. This may throw some players off if they’re used to more conventional Western table games, but Teen Patti is an extremely easy game to learn.

If you like fast-paced gambling action, we strongly recommend you deposit real money into one of our recommended online casinos and have a go!

  • Fast-Paced Gameplay

    The fast-paced nature of Teen Patti means that you could potentially rake in cash at a quick clip.

    If you play your cards right, you could really see exponential growth in your account balance.

  • Strategy-Based Thinking

    Similarly to Poker, the choices you make could greatly affect the outcome of the round.

    So if you follow optimal strategy, you could win consistently.

  • Cultural History

    Teen Patti is a crucial part of Indian social life, and modern technology has enabled us to engage in the game wherever we are in the world.

    You don’t need to be in India to enjoy Teen Patti when you can play the game on our recommended online casinos!

  • Similarities to Poker

    For those new to Teen Patti, you’ll quickly find that there are many similarities to traditional Poker, such as the hand rankings.

    This familiarity helps newcomers ease into the game so they can understand the rules better.

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Teen Patti Rules

When played in a real casino or on a dedicated app, Teen Patti has a dedicated set of rules that is similar to playing Texas Hold’Em. If you’re new to the game, it can be a bit daunting if you don’t know the rules, so we’ll help you out with that.

  1. Before the round of Teen Patti online starts, each player must place an ante bet into the pot, also known as the “boot”.
  2. Each player receives 3 cards, and the goal is to have the best hand or be the last remaining player in the round.
  3. You can choose to look at your cards (play seen) or play them face down (play blind).
  4. Each player must place an additional bet if they wish to stay in the round. The size of the bet is determined by the current ante (boot). Blind players stake x1 or x2 of the ante, whereas seen players stake x2 or x4 of the ante.
  5. Betting continues until either a showdown occurs where a player can pay to see the other’s hand or until a singular player takes the pot via all other players folding.

Is 3 Patti The Same Game?

Yes! “Teen” means three in Hindi, so 3 Patti and Teen Patti are the same games. There are other variations of Teen Patti, such as Teen Patti Pro and Teen Patti Rapid, and as such, the Teen can be replaced with 3 in those instances as well.

Teen Patti Sequences

Teen Patti is a slight derivation of Poker, and the sequences you can receive from your three cards are reminiscent of that. There are six sequences you can get, and they all rank differently.

TRAIL OR SET: This is the best sequence you can get. It is similar to three-of-a-kind in Poker. The best trail you can get is A-A-A, and the worst is 2-2-2.

PURE SEQUENCE: A pure sequence is akin to a straight flush in Poker. Unlike Poker, A-2-3 is the most valuable pure sequence instead of A-K-Q.

SEQUENCE (RUN): A run is three consecutive cards regardless of the suit, similar to a straight in Poker. A-2-3 is the most valuable run here, and 4-3-2 is the least valuable.

COLOUR: Colour is a sequence that only concerns the suit, similar to a flush in Poker. If two players have a Colour sequence, the one with the highest card (A being the highest) wins.

PAIR: A Pair sequence is two cards of the same rank. A-A-K would be the best Pair sequence, as the King is the second-highest ranked card.

HIGH CARD: A High Card sequence is the weakest one in the game, where you have no discernible pattern to your hand.

Most Popular Real Money Teen Patti Variations

The top real money casinos we recommend on this page, offer two simplified variations of Teen Patti that allow single-player gameplay.

These variations are easier to port over to an online medium because they don’t require many people at the same table. There are two prominent versions of Teen Patti:

Teen Patti Pro

Teen Patti Pro is the Teen Patti version of Baccarat. The interface is straightforward, and you have three options to bet on: player, split, or dealer.

Essentially, you’re betting on whether the player or the dealer will have the better sequence, and if you think the sequence will be tied, you can bet on the split. That’s all!

Teen Patti Pro is extremely straightforward and easy to get into.

Teen Patti Rapid

Teen Patti Rapid lives up to its name – each round is insanely fast.

All you have to do is press the “deal” button and see what sequence you get. The better sequence you receive, the higher the payout is.

The Western equivalent would be Video Poker, but with Teen Patti Rapid, most online casinos only allow you to play one hand at once.

Start Playing Teen Patti For Real Money At The Best Sites

Play Teen Patti at approved online casinos

So now that you know everything you need to know about Teen Patti, it’s time to go and play! If you have the opportunity to play the traditional version of Teen Patti, we would definitely recommend it as it’s a fantastic way to experience a part of Indian social culture.

Our recommended online casinos are also an excellent choice to fulfill your Teen Patti craving!

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