Sic Bo Online

Sic Bo is an ancient table game played with three dice.

Originating from China, the game is often referred to as Hi-Lo, Tai Sai and Dai Siu; however, its more literal meaning is “dice pair.” 

Online Sic Bo is also one of two classic casino games involving play with dice, the other one is online craps.

Since wagering options are based on the roll of dice, it is mainly a game of chance. So, you don’t need to master a complex strategy to win real money easily on online Sic Bo.

If you want to know more about it, you are in the right place.

In this guide, you will learn how to win at Sic Bo, plus some tips and tricks to play like a pro.

Additionally, we share with you the best and safest online casinos where you can have the ultimate experience playing real money Sic Bo.

Online Sic Bo Game

Where To Play Sic Bo Online For Real Money

You will find real money Sic Bo at several casinos online. However, some of them are just a waste of time and money.

If you want the best experience playing online Sic Bo, then it is important to choose a safe and legitimate casino.

Here is a list of the best online casino sites to play Sic Bo for real money.

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Real Money Sic Bo Winning Strategy

Online Sic Bo is a game of chance and you don’t really need any specific Sic Bo betting strategy to win.

However, it is true that there are some tips and tricks that you can adopt to increase your chances of winning while playing the game for real money. 

  • Avoid Triple Bet Types:

    Triple Bets are a long shot, and it is not advisable if you want to manage your bankroll

  • Focus More On Small Or Big Bets:

    The big and small bets have the smallest house edge and the highest chances of winning.

    Although the payout is small, it is still the best Sic Bo strategy to win.

  • Avoid Placing Many Multiple Bets:

    You can get to place up to 16 bets per roll on Sic Bo online, but you shouldn’t.

    Betting on several areas and losing them can eat fast into your bankroll.

  • Don’t Follow Rolling Patterns Blindly:

    it is purely a game of chance. RNGs carry out the dice rolls, and there is no set pattern.

    The outcomes of the dice are randomized and are not determined by previous rolls.

There is simply no pattern or “number counting” to win, but hopefully these tips will put you in the right direction.

Sic Bo Odds, Table Layout And Betting Options

Before playing, you need to understand the table layout. The online Sic Bo version it’s similar to the one you will find at brick and mortar casinos. 

The board features a large grid lined out on the felt with various squares showing numbers, words, and dice pictures in the grid.  

All the information you need is on the table; it is divided into three sectors, each containing different wagering options and odds. 

Single Number Bets

At the bottom of the Sic Bo board, there are number bets from one to six. To wager, place a bet on a specific number (1-6) to get rolled on one, two, or all three dice.

The payout is 1:1 if one dice has your selected number, 2:1 if your number hit on two dice, and 3:1 if all dice match your number.

Although the payout for single number bets is relatively low, they feature great odds. 

sic bo layout single bets layout

Two Dice  Combinations 

At the middle sector of the table layout, you can place the Pair bets.

The two dice combination bet or Domino bet is placed on the outcome being the next roll containing two specific dice, like 1 and 2, 3 and 6, and so on. It pays 5:1

sic bo online two dice bets layout

Double Bet

This bet wins if two of the three dice have the same value or correct double selected by the player (e.g., two 3’s).

You can place six possible bets in this category, and the payout is 8:1.

sic bo online double bets layout

Any Triple

You can wager on any six specific sets of triples you expect the dice to roll. The bet pays 30:1

sic bo online any triple bets layout

Specific Triple Bet

You can also place a bet that all three dice will have the same number.

You have six possible bets (111, 222, 333, 444, 555 and 666). It pays 180:1

sic bo online specific triple bets layout

Small / Big

At the top of the table, you will find the Small and the Big bets. You place a small bet when you bet on the total of the three dice being Small (from 4 -10).

The Big bet is when the sum of the three dice is from 11 to 17. They pay 1:1 and also feature the smallest Sic Bo house edge.

However, you lose your bet if the outcome of the roll is a  triple (1-1-1, 6-6-6)

sic bo online small and big bets layout


You can bet on the sum of the three dice being odd or even. Like the Small/Big odds, it pays 1:1. If a triple is rolled, you also lose your bet. 


The outcome of the three dice can give 14 different bet totals that players can also bet on.

sic bo totals bet layout

The sum ranges from 4 to 17, with the Sic Bo payout starting from 60:1 to 6:1. You can decide to choose one of these totals and bet on it. 

460 to 1116 to 1
530 to 1126 to 1
617 to 1138 to 1
712 to 11412 to 1
88 to 11517 to 1
96 to 11630 to 1
106 to 11760 to 1

If you are still a little bit confused about placing bets on Sic Bo online, then the table below will help you out.

The table contains the bets, payouts, winning combinations and their respective house edges.

It will help you decide which bet is best for increasing your bankroll and better understand the Sic Bo probability.

BetPayoutWinning CombinationsHouse Edge
Single Number Bet1 to 1, 2 to 1, 3 to 175, 15, 17.87%
Two Dice Combinations5 to 13016.67%
Double Bet10 to 1618 25%
Any Triple30 to 1613.89%
Specific Triple Bet180 to 1116.20%
Small/Big Bet1 to 11052.78%
Odd/Even Bet1 to 11052.78%
Sum of 4 or 1760 to 1315.28%
Sum of 5 or 1630 to 1613.89%
Sum of 6 or 1517 to 11016.67%
Sum of 7 or 1412 to 159.72%
Sum of 8 or 138 to 12112.50%
Sum of 9 or 126 to 12518.99%
Sum of 10 or 116 to 12712.50%

How To Play Sic Bo Online

Playing online Sic Bo is easy and straightforward, follow the steps below to start playing: 

  1. Choose The Coin Value

    The first step is to select your chip denomination, using the coin value.

  2. Place Your Bet

    Proceed to place your bets on the area of the table of your choice.

    The stakes and payouts in each sector have been explained above. You can also place multiple bets at once.

  3. Click The Roll Button

    Pressing the roll button on the screen will automatically roll the three dice on the table.

    The outcome would determine whether you get paid or lose your bet. Clicking the rebet button will start a new game, but with your last bet amount.

Is There Live Dealer Sic Bo?

Yes, Live dealer Sic Bo is available at online casinos. You will be able to play for real money against real dealers in live-time streaming.

It also features an audio/video live chat function that enables you to interact with your dealer in a realistic casino setting.

Sic Bo Variations 

Sic Bo online has several variations which include Birdcage, Chuck-a-Luck, Dai Siu, Grand Hazard, Hi-Lo, Lucky Dice, Mini Dice, Tai Sai, and Yee Hah Hi.

While some variations are available at land-based casinos only, you will find some being offered at online casinos.

Unlike Sic Bo, some of these variations are only played at their origin countries. For instance, Hi-Lo is predominantly available at Macau casinos while Chuck-a-Luck at US casinos.

They share several specific differences with standard online Sic Bo games ranging from payouts and symbols to dice numbers.

Closing Thoughts On Sic Bo Online

Although real money Sic Bo isn’t very popular at online casinos, it is an excellent alternative table game to play for real money.

The fact that you don’t need to understand any strategy before you can play it effectively and win real money makes it more appealing.

To have an overall enjoyable and secure gambling experience, it is paramount that you play only at safe and legitimate casinos.

We have done the hard work for you; just make your choice from our recommended casinos and start playing real money Sic Bo online today!