Suit Em Up Blackjack

Suit'Em Up Blackjack

When we hear an online casino has new and popular games on the roster, we generally assume they are all cookie-cutter releases of old video slots with new graphic overlays. But every once in a while, we are surprised with the introduction of a new interactive table game.

RealTime Gaming (RTG) gets the credit for unveiling the Suit Em Up Blackjack game, a side bet edition that you can play for real money at many top blackjack casino sites.

The classic game of 21 has historically been one of the most popular live and online casino games in the world.

In blackjack, players are able to make genuine decisions that directly affect their odds of winning each hand.

Suit Em Up Blackjack is no different and is sure to draw your attention to the virtual table — especially with a relatively easy to win side bet that can pay as much as 60:1.

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House Edge of Suit Em Up Blackjack

One unique aspect of Suit Em Up Blackjack is that players are able to choose, before the game begins, whether they want to use 2, 6 or 8 decks of cards.

In a traditional game of blackjack, fewer decks leads to a lower house edge. But with the Suit Em Up side bet invoked, the house edge actually decreases to the lowest 2.67% when opting to play with 8 decks.

That’s because receiving suited card combinations to win the side bet becomes more prevalent with more cards in the shoe.

Rules of Suit Em Up Blackjack

The Suit Em Up Blackjack game rules are fairly standard:

  • The dealer must stand on any 17.
  • A natural blackjack pays 3:2.

These are good rules for the player. However, that part of the game won’t take place until the side bet end of Suit Em Up Blackjack has concluded.

Side Bet Rules & Payouts

  • In order to win on the side bet, the player’s first two cards must be of the same suit. Doing so instantly rewards a 2:1 payout on the side bet.
  • If the total of those suited cards equals 11, the payout increases to 3:1. For a pair of suited cards, players receive a 3:1 payout.
  • Being dealt any suited blackjack increases the payout to 10:1.
  • If those suited cards happen to both be Aces, the highest possible payout of 60:1 is unleashed.
Suit Em Up Blackjack – Side Bet Paytable
2-Card HandExamplesPayout
Suited Cards8h-10h, 4c-5c, 9d-7d, etc.2:1
Suited Total of 115c-6c, 3s-8s, 9h-2h, etc.3:1
Suited Pair10d-10d, 4c-4c, Ks-Ks, etc.5:1
Suited BlackjackAh-10h, Ac-Jc, Ad-Kd, etc.10:1
Suited AcesAh-Ah, Ac-Ac, Ad-Ad, As-As60:1

The result of the side bet has no bearing on the base game. Once a player’s side bet has been won or lost, the game continues in normal fashion.