3 Card Poker Online

three card poker online

3 Card Poker is a fun real money casino game that is easy to learn. This casino poker game is interesting and a little less complicated than traditional poker, which makes it perfect for newbies.

The game’s goal is to make the best poker hand possible with three cards. Simple and quick, this game is one that can be played online and at land-based casinos.

Log on to one of our top-rated online casinos below and start playing three-card poker today!

Best Real Money 3 Card Poker Casinos Online

A few online casinos really shine when it comes to three-card poker. They offer updated versions of the game with fun side bets and accessible betting ranges.

Playing real money Three Card Poker online at these top sites is recommended as the games will be of high quality, and a secure environment is provided for an enjoyable overall experience. 

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Can You Play Legit 3 Card Poker Online In The USA?

Yes, there are several trustworthy sites where you can safely play legit three-card poker games for real money in the USA. All of our recommended online casinos have a stellar reputation for paying out winnings on time.

Just make sure to follow the player guidelines, and rest assured that you’re in good hands.

Best USA Casinos To Play 3 Card Poker For Real Money

If you’re in the US and want to play three-card poker for real money online, you’ve come to the right place. The table below covers all the best venues with the game based on our detailed reviews.

1 BONUS 100% up to $3000 GAMES 308 Play Now
2 BONUS 280% up to $14,000 GAMES 261 Play Now
3 BONUS 150% up to $3,500 GAMES 96 Play Now
4 BONUS 200% up to $5,000 GAMES 312 Play Now
5 BONUS 225% up to $12,250 GAMES 261 Play Now

Top Three Reasons To Play 3 Card Poker For Real Money

Three Card Poker online is fun and less intimidating than other poker formats. Here are a few reasons why you should give real money 3 Card Poker a try.

  1. You Play Against The House.

    You won’t need to try and read your opponents or make moves based on whether or not a player is bluffing. You simply must beat the house to win.

  2. It Is Easier To Play Than Other Poker Games.

    Work with the cards you are dealt to hopefully earn a winning hand. It is as simple as that. Read more about rules and payouts below.

  3. The Game Can Be Very Profitable.

    Three Card Poker is a real money game that can be lucrative for those who play often. Learning the best-paying hands and taking strategy into consideration will give you the highest potential for a win.

How To Start Playing 3 Card Poker At An Online Casino

  1. Sign up or log in to an online casino account: New players will need to sign up for an online casino account at sites such as Wild Casino or Las Atlantis. After registration, sign in to your account.
  2. Deposit funds: You will need to deposit funds before you start playing. Visit the cashier and use your selected banking method to place money in your account. Many casinos allow deposits starting at just $10 or $20.
  3. Select table games: To find three Card Poker games, go to the site’s “Games” section and select the “Table Games” tab. 
  4. Click your game of choice: Find a 3 Card Poker online game you want to play and click on it. You should see “Play Now” or “Real money” on the game icon. By clicking this option, it opens the game for you to play. 
  5. Place your bets: Use the chips at the table on your computer or mobile screen to place your bet. Once your bet is placed, the cards are dealt and you are playing 3 Card Poker for real money!
Wild Casino

Play 3 Card Poker At Wild Casino Casino

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Three Card Poker Games & Variations

With its growing popularity, it’s no wonder there are several versions of three-card poker available. While the premise remains the same, the addition of a special rule or side bet sets each one apart.

Let’s look at three popular variants that you may come across.

  • Six Card Bonus: This variant includes a popular side bet that you’ll see at many tables. You win if the six cards from you and the dealer create a strong poker hand.
  • Teen Patti: Luck dominates this variant where you get rewarded for not looking at your hand. You win the pot if you stay in until the end and have the strongest cards.
  • Three-card Brag: Brag variants have a pot that continues to grow as people bet or fold. When it’s down to two people, you can wager to see the cards and determine who wins.

Is Tri Card Poker Any Different?

Actually, Tri Card Poker is exactly the same game as 3 Card Poker. You can rest assured: the two games share the same rules, so if you’ve played one of them before, you can easily switch to the other one without having to learn anything new.

In Tri Card Poker, you are also trying to beat the house (and not other players) and you are also dealt only three cards. It is only the name that differs: while some online casinos choose to call this three-card variation of traditional poker “Three Card Poker”, others go for “Tri Card Poker” instead.

How To Play Three Card Poker For Real Money: Basic Rules

How to play 3 Card Poker

Real money 3 Card Poker is played with a 52-card deck and betting chips. To begin playing, you will need to place your bet.

There are two betting options, the Ante and the Pair Plus:

  • The Ante is a bet where you play your hand against the dealer. Your goal is to have the highest-ranking hand.
  • With the Pair Plus bet, your goal is to have a hand with a pair or better. The dealer’s hand is not considered in this bet. This is one way that 3 Card Poker varies from traditional poker.

You can place one or both bets per hand. Once the bets are made, three cards are dealt face down to the players and the dealer in the hand.

You are trying to beat the dealer, so unlike traditional poker, you do not have to worry about what the other players are doing. As the game proceeds, each player will decide if they will discard their hand or play. A discard provides the dealer with the ante and any Pair Plus bet.

Players who choose to keep playing will need to bet. The play bet must be the same as the ante. Next, the player reveals their cards, as does the dealer. The hands are compared, and money is paid out accordingly, based on the bets placed.  

3 Card Poker Hand Rankings

Three card poker hand rankings

Just like in regular video poker, you will need to learn the ranking of Three Card Poker hands before you sit at the table.

  • The best hands of course are going to involve a Straight Flush, 3-of-a-Kind or a Straight.
  • On the lower end, a high card with non-pairs or value plus a kicker will provide a lesser payout.

The image shows the ranking of 3 Card Poker hands. By learning more about the game, you will set yourself up for success, whether you play online or in-person!

3 Card Poker Payouts

As you may have noticed, one way 3 Card Poker varies from traditional poker is the bets you place. It is important to understand the difference between these two bets.

The Ante bet is one you place to beat the dealer with your three-card hand. The Pair Plus is a bet you place to make a hand with a pair or better. You can also play both bets if you like, which will play a role in how much you earn based on what hand you win with. 

The Three Card Poker payouts for these wagers will vary depending on the casino you are playing at, but these are the standard paytables.

Pair Plus Side Bet Payouts
Straight Flush: 40 to 1
Three of a Kind: 30 to 1
Straight: 6 to 1
Flush: 4 to 1
One Pair: 1 to 1

Ante Bonus Payouts
Straight Flush: 5 to 1
Three of a Kind: 4 to 1
Straight: 1 to 1
Flush: No Bonus
One Pair: No Bonus

Practice 3 Card Poker Online For Free

Get the hang of the game before you stake real money with this free three-card poker game. Test out your strategy and see if you can beat the dealer.

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Start Playing Three Card Poker For Real Money!

Bonus: 100% up to $5,000Play At Wild Casino

How To Win At 3 Card Poker: Quick Tips

three card poker tips

If you like the game of Three Card Poker online and want to win more often, it is best to implement a strategy.

First, you can learn the poker hands needed to win the most money as well as set a budget when playing.

However, the most important tip for Three Card Poker is to use an optimal strategy. This strategy tells you what hands to play and fold to increase your odds against the house. 

Optimal 3 Card Poker Strategy

With the optimal strategy for the poker game, you generally play hands that have a value of Q-6-4 or better. Anything else, you fold. Choosing to play in this manner will lower the house edge in your favor

In general, the table game has a house edge of around 2% long-term. However, depending on where you play, the edge will vary based on the type of bet you place, be it Ante, Pair Plus, or both. 

Play Three Card Poker Online & Win Some Cash!

As you can see, Three Card Poker for real money is a fun game you can easily play, even as a beginner. As you play and learn more about winning hands and strategy, you can make moves to build a solid bankroll.

Start playing real money 3 Card Poker today by logging in to one of our recommended casinos. You will find the game is simple, has large payouts, and has a relatively low house edge.

New players can take advantage of any bonus options, deposit, and then begin playing!


Is 3 Card Poker online easy?

Yes, it is a relatively easy game. If you have a good hand, you’ll raise to see the dealer’s cards. Otherwise, you’ll fold and go to the next round. 

What’s the best hand in 3 Card Poker?

A straight flush is the best hand in three-card poker. That means you have three sequential cards of the same suit.

What are the odds of winning at 3 Card Poker?

Three-card poker has good odds for the player to win. If you only play hands better than Q-6-4, you’ll keep the house edge around 3.7%.

What was the original name of 3 Card Poker?

Many believe it evolved from the Italian game called Primero. Upon landing in the UK, it was renamed Bragg and later became known as three-card poker.

Can you make money playing 3 Card Poker?

Yes, with a little luck, you can walk away from the table with more money in your bankroll. However, keep in mind that the house still has an edge in the long run.

Do all real money online casinos have 3 Card Poker games?

Three card poker and its numerous variants are pretty popular. Most online casinos have some form of the game available to players.

What are the most popular Three Card Poker variations?

The most common three-card poker variants you’ll encounter are Tri Card Poker, Poker Three, Triple Edge Poker, Teen Patti, and 3 Card Brag.