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The Man Who Managed To Crack Roulette Dies At 86

Ryan Knuppel

Richard Jarecki was a medical researcher who will be remembered for his achievement that has nothing to do with medicine. Jarecki was the man who managed to crack roulette in the 70’s and to earn more than a million dollars back in the day in the European casinos. He died on July 25 at the age of 86 and had officially become a legend. Some of the casinos that were completely terrified of him were in Monte Carlo, Italy, and Las Vegas.

As the news of his passing away spread, the stories of this legend continue to live on and many of the famous gamblers from that period start to remember his glory days when every casino tried their best to ban him. Richard Jarecki died at the comfort of his home in Manila on July 25 from pneumonia.

He was born in Germany, but he grew up in the United States. His early childhood was marked by the second world war when he was forced to emigrate and escape the Nazi regime that was on the rise back then. He enrolled at the Duke University and later went back to his homeland to study at the University of Heidelberg in Germany. According to various reports that documented big wins, this is the time when Jarecki started winning big in roulette.

His Greatest Era

The 60’s was the period when Jarecki got married and started visiting a lot of casinos with his wife. Although he visited US casinos, his primary focus was European ones due to the slight differences that gave him more opportunity to win. Jarecki started gaining popularity, and he even became a celebrity in casinos in Monte Carlo and Divonne-Les-Bains, France. Furthermore, Las Vegas and Baden-Baden, Germany were also the casinos where he enjoyed the popularity – at least the popularity of the public since the casinos did not want that man anywhere near their objects.

One of the casinos that were almost closed because of Jarecki was Riviera Casino in San Remo. Suddenly, other players started betting the same way and following his bets which meant that the casinos were also on a great loss whenever he would appear. The question remains – how did he do it? Jarecki won a total of $1.2 million on roulette, but nobody knew how he managed to predict where the ball would land. He said that he calculated a statistical model on his home computer and this was a story he told to the press.

But in reality, the technique was a little different. What he did was analyze a lot of roulette tables and wheels in various casinos and saw that there were flaws in the wheels which allowed for more accurate predictions. He managed to exploit these flaws and win big. Eventually, the casinos also became aware of these flaws and worked more closely with the people who made the wheels in order to correct the flaws. It was a time when Jarecki had to calm down with his roulette streak.

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