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Robbery And Murder At Pechanga Resort & Casino

Ryan Knuppel

Robbery And Murder At Pechanga Resort & CasinoEvery once in a while, we hear about people trying to rob a casino, but these incidents usually end without anyone being murdered. However, the latest robbery that took place at Pechanga Resort & Casino was something that really shook the entire nation, especially NBA lovers, given that one of the robbers was the sister of new LA Clippers star, Kawhi Leonard.

Kimesha Williams is now being charged with both robbery and murder of an 84-year-old woman. She assaulted the elderly casino patron while in the Pechanga Resort & Casino, which is located in Temecula, Calif.

The name of the woman who was a victim of the assault was Afaf Anis Assad, and she was found lying unconscious on the bathroom floor somewhere around 8 am on Aug. 31.

Reportedly, her husband dropped Assad to the casino early in the morning, and it wasn’t long before she had to go to the bathroom where she was allegedly attacked by Williams and her partner-in-crime, Candace Townsel.

As soon as she was found, she was rushed to a hospital. However, the inflicted injuries were too serious, and she soon succumbed to them.

The Office of Riverside County issued a statement, saying that the two suspects were identified right away and linked with the crime. At the time the statement was issued, Assad was still fighting for her life.

However, it was already assumed in the statement that she would die from the injuries and that the Central Homicide Unit was notified about the incident.

Security Cameras Did Their Job

The authorities had no trouble identifying the two persons who attacked Assad. It seems what Williams and her friend completely forgot about was the fact that casinos pay a lot of attention to their security, and that cameras are installed basically everywhere, covering every single angle of the facility.

It was clearly visible that both Williams and Townsel followed Assad to the bathroom. They are later seen exiting the bathroom, carrying the purse along the way.

The two women can be charged either with first-degree murder or a felony that leads to death. In either case, they could face anywhere from 25 years to a lifetime in prison. Some other states would suggest a death penalty, but California abolished it back in 1972.

The two suspects have already shown up in court, and the judge denied them bail. One of the reasons for that decision is because Williams is connected to Leonard. Unlike his sister, the small forward has been doing pretty well in the NBA, and even managed to earn two Finals MVP awards, as well as two NBA championships.

He recently signed with the LA Clippers. Judges were concerned that the status and wealth of the NBA player could help his sister leave the country before she is sentenced.

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