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As an avid researcher of the world wide web, I am well aware that it is impossible for a single website – even one as methodically comprehensive and contextually superior as this one (ha ha) – to provide each and every element of information that some of you are looking for. For that reason, I’ve compiled a list of other enlightening and educationally outstanding web site that you may find useful.

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With that said, please take a moment to browse the following categories and resources provided. You will find information regarding online casino issues, gambling addiction, and other relevant information from expert authorities on each topic.

Casino Gambling from an Academic Point of View

University of Akron – Seizing the Deck: A History of Blackjack [PPTX File, requires Microsoft PowerPoint Viewer)
A group of math students at UA, Ohio wrote this insightful manuscript on the intriguing history of blackjack as part of the Choose Ohio First Scholarship Program. It starts with a historic overview of the game, then leads into more strategic fields. The study includes the complete rules, a basic introduction to card counting and the team’s own experimental results, as well as an interactive segment to test and cultivate your own card counting abilities.

University of Southern California – The Proportional Bettor’s Return on Investment
In in-depth, mathematical look at gambling and the advantages of proportional betting. Blackjack is specifically covered, but you will need at least some knowledge of advanced algebra to gain any edification from this one.

Historical Observations of Live and Online Casino Gambling

University of North Carolina – Brief History of Internet Gambling
UNC students collaborate to offer a concise but edifying documentation of the history of online gambling, types of gaming sites, and how they work.

University of Southern California – Illumin: Inside a Slot Machine
An illuminating timeline of the history of slot machines, from the late 1800’s to present. Civil Engineer Major, Devin Wong, explains how slot machines are ultimately the most profitable of all gambling activities for casino establishments.

California State Library – History of Gambling in the United States
This observational study combines a historical and political view of gambling in North America to help readers understand how Puritan nature has perpetuated the censured state of gambling laws in the United States for more than 400 years.

Online Gambling Around the World

University of New York, Law Department – The House of Cards is Falling: Why [US] States Should Cooperate on Legal Gambling
An unambiguous, statistical view of internet gambling across the United States from the mind of Jamisen Etzel. He discusses the current status of legislation on a state and federal level and the projected benefits of full-scale legalization.

Nevada Gaming Control Board
For up-to-date information on the status of Nevada’s online gambling legislation.

New Jersey Casino Control Commission – Casino Control Acts and Commission Regulations
Access to current regulatory legislation regarding New Jersey’s land-based and online casinos.

UK Gambling Commission
Complete source of interactive gaming laws in the United Kingdom.

Guidelines for Remote Gaming Systems in Italy
The official guidelines for the certification of gaming platforms as declared by the Autonomous Administration of State Monopolies (AAMS) in Italy. The guide covers all laws that must be followed by operators, software developers, players and other relative entities.

Australian Interactive Gambling Act
Current legislative stature of the Interactive Gambling Act of 2001, last updated in March of 2012 to comply with the Acts Interpretation Amendment Act of 2011; details all current interactive gambling laws in Australia.

Resources for Problem Gamblers / Gambling Addictions

Gamblers Anonymous
A multitude of resources for problem gamblers and friends/family of those who suffer from gambling addiction. Learn the signs of problem and compulsive gambling, how you can help and where to find the nearest meetings and support groups. A 24/7/365 telephone support line is provided.

University of Texas, CMHC – Problem and Compulsive Gambling
The Counseling and Mental Health Center (CMHC), Division of Student Affairs at University of Texas comprised this uniquely informative article, explicating the true definition of gambling and what makes a ‘problem gambler’. A very practical “20 Questions” section is supplied to help readers determine tell they have a gambling problem.

Online Gambling Watchdogs

E-Commerce and Online Gaming Regulation and Assurance – eCOGRA for short – is a third-party, non-profit auditing firm of the highest regard. When the eCGORA Seal of Approval is displayed at an online casino, you can rest assured the software is safe, secure and fair.

Gambling Commission
Regulator of online gambling throughout the UK. Look for the Gambling Commission Seal of Approval at certified UK gaming sites.

Interactive Gaming Council
Established in 1996, the IGC’s goal is to “address issues and advance common interests in the global interactive gaming industry”.

Online United States Casinos
This is the leading website to check on safe online casinos that accept US players. If you are seeking more excellent forum addresses, we recommend the page, a leading directory compiler in the field of gambling.