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Blackjack Surrender: What It Is And When To Do It

Often blackjack boils down to the luck of the draw. And sometimes, that luck is nowhere to be found. Surrendering is a way to proverbially throw in the towel and cut your losses on a bad hand without sacrificing your whole bet. Casinos began implementing this strategy in the 1970s to attract more players. Not ...
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Casino Sites Like Hallmark Casino You Need To Try

Are you looking for online casinos that check all the same boxes as Hallmark Casino and maybe then some? We’ve compiled a list of great casinos like Hallmark Casino, or in some cases, casinos that we think are better.
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Blackjack Insurance: What It Is And When To Take It

Insurance is necessary for many things in life, but it’s debatable whether it is necessary when playing blackjack. While blackjack insurance is far from compulsory, it’s certainly no stranger to controversy. It sounds good on paper, but it’s a highly volatile move and one that we don’t advise taking lightly. When the dealer shows an ...
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Casino Sites Like Chumba Casino You Need To Try

If you are looking for sites like Chumba casino, here we recommend you the best casinos for you to try. All have similar games like Chumba casino, several bonuses on offer, and convenient banking methods.
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When Can You Split In Blackjack? What Splitting Means & How To Do It

In Blackjack, splitting just might be your ticket to redeeming a lousy hand. When applied in the right circumstance with the proper knowledge, it can be a total game-changer. Splitting allows you to break a pair into two separate, new hands. However, you must double your original bet, so knowing when to split is crucial. ...
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Blackjack Double Down: What Does It Mean And When Should You Go For It?

Who doesn’t love to serve up a daredevil gambling move now and then? Doubling down in blackjack is a thrilling, high-reward strategy that can earn you twice your bet if you play your cards right. However, with great reward comes some inherent risk. The fact is, this bold gambit is often overused and misunderstood. It’s ...
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Too Chilly Outside? Perfect Winter Slot Games To Play From Your Couch

What’s better than enjoying some amazing online slot games in the warmth of your home when it’s cold outside? Coincidentally, all the best slots come out during the winter months! Our recommended online casinos are always filled to the brim with new and groundbreaking winter slots for you to play, especially during this time of ...
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New Slot Games To Play In 2023 (New Year’s Edition)

The New Year is always an exciting time for online casino enthusiasts. This is the time that software developers push out new, amazing slot games for us to enjoy. For all that’s happened in 2020 and 2021, we hope that 2022 can mark a new chapter and a better year. In the meantime, we can ...
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Celebrate National Card Playing Day At A Legit Online Casino

December 28 is National Card Playing Day and it is the perfect opportunity for you to enjoy this centuries-old form of entertainment. Either with family and friends or at a legit online casino, commemorate this special day by playing your favorite card games for fun or even for real money.  Thanks to legit online casinos, ...
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12 Games of Christmas Contest at Wild Casino – $120,000 Cash Giveaway

Wild Casino is giving slot enthusiasts a BIG chance to win some extra cash this Christmas season. By spinning the reels of 12 holiday-themed slot games you will be entered into the contest. There is a total of $120,000 in cash giveaways being awarded during 3 rounds. The first two rounds will have $50,000 given ...
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Best Christmas Casino Promotions And Bonuses 2023

With so many online casinos in the industry, you might have to spend lots of your time searching for worthy bonuses. That’s why we’ve done the tough work for you by looking for the top Xmas bonuses from legit casinos!
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Best iOS Casino Games & Slots To Play And Win

Today’s gambling sites are incredibly mobile-friendly. If you own an iPhone or iPad, you will find that the iGaming industry hasn’t missed a beat in developing new and innovative casino games for your iOS device.  The same casino classics you play on your desktop account have seamless adaptations for iOS or Android devices. You can ...
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