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Woman Wins Jackpot and Loses It Because Of A Typo

Ryan Knuppel

A woman from DC managed to win a huge jackpot at one of the slot machines at MGM National Harbor, only to lose it all because of a type made by MGM employees when they inserted her social security number. Cynthia Obie managed to win thousands of dollars at the Prince George’s County casino and was pretty excited about that fact. When she saw the symbols creating a combo on the machine, she realized that she was about to become a jackpot winner, but her happiness was short-termed due to the error made by the employees.

Obie did not want to disclose how much money she won, but it is apparently a several thousand dollar sum which she managed to get fair and square. However, when one of the employees entered her social security and ID numbers, it turned out that she owed a lot of money to the state of Maryland due to unpaid child support services. That resulted in instant confusion on Obie’s side, who claimed to have no such debts. She said in an interview that both of her daughters were grown and that she had never paid for child support. It was too late when they realized that they had made a typo when entering the Social Security number by mistyping one digit.

She Just Wanted Her Money Which She Had Won.

The whole night did not end well for Obie, who exited the casino outraged and with a letter that gives instructions on how to sort things out with the Human Services Agency in Maryland which was responsible for child support. Obie was obviously frustrated that the casino did not pay out her winnings. She stated that they were a billion dollar company and that they must know some way of paying her winnings.

MGM offered an official excuse and stated that they were aware of the unfortunate error that had happened to Ms. Obie. They added that they are actively working to solve this issue, but that they couldn’t provide additional payout due to the Maryland State Law and MLGCA rules. Furthermore, MGM officials said that Ms. Obie must present proper credentials to the Maryland Gaming Commission and get her payout there. Finally, they apologized for the inconvenience that they caused to Ms. Obie.

MGM casino apologized to Ms. Obie by giving her $200 in free play and several vouchers which she can use for drinks in the casino. However, Obie is determined to get her winnings and we are yet to see whether she will succeed in her effort or not. All in all, she won her jackpot and it is understandable that she wants to get her winnings, and MGM will do their best to solve the problem legally and pay her the deserved prize.

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