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Super Typhoon To Hit Macau This Year?

Ryan Knuppel

Macau is a popular tourist destination that sees millions of tourists visit it annually, but it has a problem that they don’t know how to get rid of – their position. The whole area where Macau is located is hit by typhoons from time to time and that can cause a serious blow to the economy of the city.

In fact, Macau already had a problem with a big typhoon back in 2017 when it had to face Typhoon Hato, which was one of the biggest and strongest storms that had hit that area in the last 50 years. Their troubles continued one year later when they faced Typhoon Mangkhut, which basically devastated the entire area, causing all casinos to shut down temporarily due to the lack of electricity and flooding.

The future of this area is bright when we take a look at all the numbers and figures related to their income and number of visitors. However, the officials are afraid that the area might be hit by another big typhoon this year. The Macao Meteorological and Geophysical Bureau (MMBG) has stated that there is a possibility of that happening once again in 2019.

A Report by MMBG

GGRAsia published an article that discusses the report issued by MMBG which states that there is a possibility of another strong typhoon hitting the area this year. They call these types of typhoons “super typhoons,” and one is likely to hit the area this year. The report didn’t actually specify the category of the typhoon, as they are usually divided by their strength and impact. However, the officials of MMBG stated in the report that this weather condition will have a significant impact on the city.

According to the bureau, there will be four to six typhoons in the upcoming period that will reach across a 500-mile radius to Macau. They stated that the first storm is expected mid-June, and typhoons can be expected during an entire season until October. This is within the typhoon season limits set by the UN World Meteorological Bureau which state that typhoons may occur any time from May to November.

Depending on the typhoon strength and impact, various measures need to be taken in order to protect the visitors and the residents of Macau. For example, if a category eight typhoon hits the area, some of the activities in the city need to be closed, including public transportation. These typhoons can affect the daily overall revenue of individual casinos as visitors from mainland China will not be able to access Macau during the typhoon period.

However, Typhoon Hato was much stronger than that and it happened in August 2017. It also caused severe flooding and even loss of life. Furthermore, the economic losses at that time were estimated at half a billion dollars. Moreover, Typhoon Manghut resulted in casino shutdowns, which was the first shutdown to happen in years. At that time, the casinos did not work for two and a half days.

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