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Snail Race: A New Game Launched by Booming Games

Ryan Knuppel

Snail Race: A New Game Launched by Booming GamesSnails are often synonymous with slowness. Their sluggish nature is what makes them pretty interesting to humans, who are often inspired by this small animal that carries its home wherever it goes.

But that also paved the way for many fantastic ideas, such as snails racing, which is — believe it or not — a real thing that many people enjoy around the world. Fascinated by the idea of snails being in a race, Booming Games made a brand new online video slot named simply Snail Race, that features these super-fast creatures on the reels.

Booming Games is known for finding inspiration for slot themes in the most unusual places, and that’s what really makes them unique in the highly-competitive online gambling industry. Let’s take a closer look at this online slot and how Booming Games managed to pay tribute to these creatures.

Features, Bonuses, and More

Snail Race has the grid that has six reels and three rows, which is one reel more compared to the vast majority of online slots. However, the game also features another special reel that is filled with snail symbols that have multipliers on their backs. It is a reel you should definitely focus on, as it can bring you lucrative prizes if you are lucky.

Basically, the seventh reel provides homes for the snails who exit them when you spin and more towards the leftmost reel. The possible multipliers they bring to the reels are 3x, 2x and 1x. However, they also have the power of the wild symbols, meaning they can help you make a combo if you’re lucky.

According to an official press release published at European Gaming, the Snail Race also has a very exciting bonus feature which you can trigger if you land three logo symbols on the reels.

This feature is called the Snail Race Bonus Round and starts with the top three snails lining up on the grid. As soon as you click the spin button, the three snails will race on the track and help you win huge prizes. In fact, the luckiest of players can achieve multipliers of up to 50x.

Therefore, if you’re up for some slow (yet somehow very fast) races featuring snails, make sure to give this game a couple of spins and see if you’re quick enough to grab some prizes. Pay special attention to the seventh reel, and feel free to explore other special features in the game.

Snail Race is, above all, a fun game, as all snails on the reels are drawn in a cartoonish and goofy manner, with some of them actually being too obese to race. All of them have somewhat serious and competitive looks on their faces, which adds to the irony of snails being put in a race.

Needless to say, Booming Games did an excellent job when it comes to creating great gameplay, as well as smooth animations followed by great music.

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