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Sheldon Adelson Interested In Opening A North Korean Casino

Ryan Knuppel

The summit between Kim Jong Un and Donald Trump can only be described as historic. It is the time when the two countries, which were until then mortal enemies, shook hands for the first time to see a better future for their cooperation. But, what can be the first step to developing good relations? Well, a casino in North Korea – some speculate.

After the summit, Trump said that people should look at North Korea from the perspective of real estate. He asked how bad it was to have a real estate between two powerful countries – China to the North and South Korea to the South. Trump added that all of that seemed like a perfect idea. Not long after the meeting, Sheldon Adelson, one of the most powerful casino moguls in the world, referred to North Korea and stated that there was a huge economic potential in this country. Sheldon is a good friend of Donald Trump and is a logical choice should the casino deal sees the light in the future.

He even made a speech during a charity event that took place in Jerusalem and stated that he hoped Trump to end the war between Koreas that has been going on for quite a while now. He added that he participated in the Korean war and is considered a veteran of it. Finally, Adelson added that he would like to go back to the Korean peninsula, but this time it would be as a casino builder and not as a soldier.

Adelson is one of the chairmen and a CEO of Las Vegas Sands, a casino company that is currently valued at $40 billion, as Forbes states. Apart from that, Adelson also participated in Donald Trump’s campaign and is considered one of the major donors for the Republican party. In fact, he has given over $5 million for the inauguration of Trump which is the most significant donation of this type ever given.

More to the News

Another thing that narrows down the speculations of the casino in North Korea is the fact that Kim Jong Un visited Marina Bay Sands, a casino in Singapore which was owned by Adelson’s company. The photos of Kim visiting this casino were later published in the newspapers all over North Korea. Although North Korea has severe problems due to the sanctions for their weapons testings, the tourism part is not affected by it, and Kim is trying hard to improve that part of his country to stabilize the economy.

In fact, he and the people from his country started building a tourist zone by the coast which is located approximately 180km from Pyongyang. This zone will bear a name of Wonsan-Kalma, and it will be mainly targeted to foreign tourists, main people from China and South Korea. If everything goes as planned, a casino might be the thing that will unite the enemies and make them good friends.

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