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Perth Man Wins $2.7 Million Jackpot at Perth’s Crown Casino

Zachary Gleason

Crown Perth Casino record breaking jackpot win

A Perth man has won a massive $2.7 million jackpot betting a $10 side bet in a Texas Holdem Poker game at his local casino, Crown Perth.

If a royal flush is dealt it would pay out $2.7 million. The player is required to get a 10, jack, queen, king and ace (all of the same suit). The dealer flopped an ace, queen and jack of diamonds, and the Perth father turned over a king and 10 of diamonds to be dealt the best hand of all, a royal flush!

According to chief operating officer of Crown Perth, Lonnie Bossi, it was a record-breaking jackpot. “To have a record breaking $2.7 million won at Crown Perth is fantastic,” he said. The dealer that dealt the royal flush hand had this to say about the player’s reaction to the jackpot win, “Oh mate he let off an expletive and just stood there, he was stunned.”

Players are not forced to place side bets, but they provide an opportunity to win additional money in addition to the main bet. In the game, a $5, $10 or $15 side bet could have been placed, so the lucky punter could have won even more, an extra million dollars, although I am sure he’s not devastated since it is still a life changing amount of money.

Progressive Poker Jackpot

It is a Progressive Poker Jackpot on offer at Crown Perth, meaning the jackpot grows significantly every single day until the jackpot hits. According to Crown Perth’s website, the $15 progressive poker jackpot is currently sitting at more than $1.18 million which is nothing to sneeze at.

Do you know the chances of being dealt a royal flush? Of the nearly 2.6 million poker hands, only four are royal flushes. So we can tell from the numbers it doesn’t happen often at all. It is hard to wrap your head around beating such big odds.

Nigel Williams spoke to 6iX’s Good Morning Perth and said he had been playing roulette when deciding he would like to play another game. When reflecting on the win at the cashier, he said “I should’ve brought a bigger bag.” Another big win at Crown Perth might just be around the corner!

The New Crown Towers in Perth

Later this year, the gaming company will unveil Crown Towers located in Burswood Golf Course, and will become the largest hotel in Perth, bringing Crown Perth’s total suite capacity to 1200 rooms. However, don’t expect to book a suite on levels 4 or 13. These levels can’t be accessed, they’ve made way for superstition.

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