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Are People Gambling More During Coronavirus Lockdown?

Sadonna Price
Are People Gambling More Online Since Coronavirus Lockdown

According to a new poll conducted by Survation, players have taken to logging online more frequently due to being at home based on government lockdown orders. With no other entertainment, online casino gaming has proven to be a quality option for players as they are unable to go anywhere without being at risk of contracting the deadly virus.

Online gambling sites provide casino games such as slots, video poker, table games and more that can easily be accessed from the comfort of home. Those who frequented casinos in person, have now been logging online to play their favorite games. 

The pool also found that around 41% of those surveyed had opened a new online account while in lockdown. This percentage is believed to represent sports bettors migrating to online casino games due to the lack of live sports games.

Avid Players, More; Occasional Gamblers, Less.

While some groups were found to be gambling more, the poll also suggested that players in general are gambling less while in lockdown at home. The survey was conducted with 1,000 people and 36% said they are gambling less frequently now. This is higher than the 32% who said they are gambling more.

Of the regular gamblers who place a bet at least once a week, 34% of those surveyed said they are gambling less while staying at home. This group represents more than one-third of those taking part in the survey. 

The drop in participation found in the survey falls in line with the information provided by the Betting and Gaming Council (BCG) last week that there has been a decrease in gambling during the pandemic.

Public Health Concern In The UK

The BCG sent a letter to Nigel Adams, the UK Sports Minister, stating that its members are ready to work with the government to provide safeguards for those who are potentially vulnerable to gambling harm. 

The organization wrote that while there has been a significant drop in gambling with no live sport; casinos, bingo halls and betting shops closed, the organizations members are stepping up efforts for safer gambling messaging, interventions and initiatives to ensure consumers are betting online in a safe manner. 

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