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Opposition In Japan Tries To Stop Casino Bill

Ryan Knuppel

Officials of Japan have been debating a possible casino introduction to their country for more than half a year now. The lawmakers of this country are about to make history by allowing casinos in Japan, which will probably make Japan one of the best places to visit if you are a lover of casinos. There have been several attempts to push the bill forward and make it happen as soon as possible, but not everyone is completely amazed at the idea of Japan allowing casinos. In fact, a few opposing lawmakers still try their best to either prolong or put a possible stop to the legislation.

To be more specific, it is five members who all belong to five parties that oppose the leading party that are strongly against allowing casinos to be built in their home country. The five of them had a press conference to persuade more people that the construction of an Integrated Resort and passing of the Implementation Bill that supports it is a bad idea. The people who organized the conference are Constitutional Democratic Party representative Tomoko Abe, Group of Independents’ Masaharu Nakagawa, Shuji Inatomi from the Democratic Party for the People, Liberal Party’s Denny Tamaki, and a member of the Japan Communist Party Tetsuya Shiokawa.

These five representatives claimed that the public opinion has been tested using the polls and that it is overall against allowing for the Integrated Resort to be built. Furthermore, they claimed that the government did not provide a plan that would involve actions such as minimizing public harm and that there had not been a discussion in the parliament regarding this issue. In fact, they claim that the discussion had been cut off to speed up the process. Tomoko Abe claimed that the currently responsible minister, Keiichi Ishi, was not fully aware of the danger that the bill would bring and did not understand the bureaucrat-created bill and its contents.

Furthermore, Abe claimed that the government’s claims for the bill were not true. Namely, the main reason why the government wants to allow the building of the IR in Japan is to attract more foreign tourists to their home country. The opposing lawmakers claim that there is no evidence to support this claim. In fact, they stated that the majority of the people visiting the casinos and the IR would be, in fact, Japanese.

Finally, Abe stated that the fact that a few people can introduce casinos to the country is simply not fair as the consequences can be heavy and can be felt throughout the whole of Japan, impacting all residents. Despite being loud, the opposition in Japan will probably not succeed in their intentions. The decision of the government is expected anytime soon, and if it approved, it will be given to the House of Councillors which will have the final saying whether the bill should be approved. It can potentially open a new era for Japan.

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