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MGM Casinos In China Don’t Want Facial Recognition At The Moment

Ryan Knuppel

MGM Macau Casino against using facial recognition technologyFacial recognition has been one of the main discussed subjects among land-based casino operators. The problem with these facilities are the various illegal activities often taking place there.

For example, people use casino games to launder money, or they rob casinos in different ways.

The truth is, there is a way to put a stop to all the bad activities happening there with the introduction of the facial recognition technology.

Even though it is revolutionary, this technology is something that the west will never accept. It is a serious impact on every individual’s privacy.

In China, on the other hand, the use of facial recognition is seriously considered, but it is up to individual casino operators to decide whether they want to introduce this or not.

MGM Casinos Don’t Want This Technology

MGM is one of the companies that believe they do not require services from this technology. They are perfectly satisfied with the surveillance systems that they have in place at the moment in their casinos in Macau.

According to a report by The Macau Daily Times, MGM Macau nor MGM Cotai don’t want to use the facial recognition technology at this moment.

The person who explicitly revealed this opinion was Grant Bowie, the CEO of MGM China. He stated that with their current systems in place, he believed that the casinos are perfectly safe.

Macau and Facial Recognition

The truth is that Macau as well has been on and off about facial recognition. The entire last year was a bit confusing when it comes to the relationship between the gambling city and the technology at hand.

One of the reasons why the lawmakers consider introducing this technology is the spate of crimes that hit the area in the last year. Lawmakers demanded that operators implement such systems to improve overall safety.

However, the crimes did not last very long, and the lawmakers suddenly changed their opinion about facial recognition, asking casinos to hold off the installation of such a system. They realized that by installing such a system, there would be a serious infringement of privacy rights that citizens and tourists have.

The Issues With Privacy Infringment

Technology that could recognize a face and match it to a profile of someone seemed like a distant dystopian future just a couple of years ago. It was something that we all watched in the movies, but it has come to life recently.

Nobody thought about privacy infringement when we watched the movies. This is a real problem that needs to be solved before we introduce such technology to the world. It’s a double-edged sword that could be put to good use if it doesn’t fall into the wrong hands.

What’s your opinion about this technology? Should casinos, banks, and other facilities use it to improve security or not?

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