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Genting Will Continue With Resorts World Las Vegas

Ryan Knuppel

Going back to 2013, one can witness that Genting Group made a very significant move in their strategy when they bought 87 acres of land on the Las Vegas Strip. This piece of land belonged to Boyd Gaming before that and Genting announced that a brand new casino would be built in this area. Their primary idea was to create a brand new Genting’s Resorts World Las Vegas. The casino that was planned here before they had bought the land was Stardust casino, but it turned out that the plans for that casino were too big and the whole idea was abandoned.

However, with Genting, things look bright, and there seems to be great progress. In one of their announcements, Genting Group confirmed that they expected the casino to be finished by 2020. In fact, they are very optimistic regarding the whole project although the politics and economy between the US and China are not good right now. In fact, there were a couple of concerns regarding this project because of the trade war, but all of that was denied by the Genting statement.

Previous Land Space

The land was bought by Genting for $350 million, and they stated at a time that the casino would be constructed by 2016. As it turned out, this was an optimistic projection, and the grand opening of the casino was delayed over and over again. The announcement for 2020 as the final year was made back in 2017, but this was also taken as an empty promise by many who have been deceived by the delayed promises from Genting casino.

However, there has been great progress recently, and this could mean that the 2020 deadline may not be as optimistic as expected. In fact, this time it might just as well be a realistic date, simply due to the fact that they are working on the casino with all their effort. Although the political tide is not in favor of Genting, they are still feeling hopeful to finish the whole thing by 2020 and make the grand opening as scheduled.

Union Gaming (UG) has been observing the building progress closely and steadily. They believe that the delays are not due to the politics and economy. In fact, they believe that Genting officials have a desire to build the best casino that ever existed in this area. They want to make it as luxurious as possible with probably a number of games that have never been seen before. John DeCree, who works with the UG, stated that their pace was very deliberate and that they were carefully examining the market and calculating the best way to approach when it comes to building a casino in that area.

According to the builders and the owners, Genting, there would be several phases of building the casino. So far the casino is planned to have a hotel, several restaurants (with many authentic Chinese dishes), more than 100,000 square feet of gaming space, nightlife venues, and many retail offerings.

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