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Gambling Addiction: Myths vs Facts

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Gambling is fun and entertaining while offering a different type of distraction to just going to the movies or hanging out in the bar. Plus it includes the upside of actually winning some money or lots of it! But there is a dark side to visiting the casino too much. Latest studies have shown 5 out of 100 (20%) gamblers in the world are addicted to gambling.

When the flashy lights and happy sounds trigger a winning jackpot it generates an endorphin rush as addictive as alcohol or drugs. Yet, it is legal and highly marketed. Knowing this, we have created this infographic that depicts the things people say to themselves while gambling, that could actually be serious symptoms of gambling addiction. If you identify these behavioral patterns within yourself or someone you know, please stop, regulate your play or seek some help.

Gambling Addiction Myths vs Facts Infographic

Need Help?

If you have identified behavioral patterns like the ones above ask yourself these questions:

If you are concerned that your gambling habit may be getting out of control and want to know if you have a problem with gambling addiction, try asking yourself some of the following questions:

  • During the previous months, have you experienced feelings of restlessness, anxiety, distress or anger when trying to reduce or stop gambling?
  • During the same period, have you felt ashamed about gambling or kept this activity a secret?
  • Have you missed work or lost a job due to your gambling habits?
  • Have you been experiencing financial troubles as a result of gambling?

If you have answered yes to any of the above questions, please seek help from friends, family or any of the support institutions available in the United States such as The National Council on Problem Gambling Helpline.

About The Author

Gustavo Santiago bio pickGustavo is a dedicated mixed martial artist, UFC die-hard fan, and bettor. He writes mostly MMA fight breakdowns and UFC picks at Safestbettingsites.com. He took a break from his usual MMA writing to research Gambling Addiction as a way to bring attention and awareness to this issue, as well as help those that may suffer from it.

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