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Casino Resorts Team Up Against Hurricane Dorian

Ryan Knuppel

Casino Resorts Team Up Against Hurricane DorianThe hurricane which made total havoc all over the Caribbean did not affect casinos that are located there. Moreover, it was on its way to hit the East Coast of the United States, and many casino operators feared that it could affect some of the properties located there. Nevertheless, it seems that they were spared after all.

The name of the hurricane is Dorian, and it is described as a tropical cyclone. It destroyed a lot of things, ripping through the Bahamas. The northern islands of the country were completely devastated by this hurricane.

However, the resorts which are located there, including Atlantis, Baha Mar, and Resorts World Bimini, were spared. In other words, it seems that Dorian lost the bet in this game and left these properties untouched.

Efforts Being Made

Baha Mar, which is an integrated casino resort that was opened back in April 2017, was left intact, and its officials issued a statement, saying that they were grateful that the storm did not impact guests and associates of the facility. Furthermore, they added that they extended their deepest love and full support and prayers to all victims and damages caused by the first major weather event in the 2019 hurricane season of Atlantic.

On top of that, Baha Mar issued an announcement, stating that they would send 100 percent of the donations that their foundation receives in order to help those who were impacted by the hurricane.

On the other hand, one resort located in the Bahamas was not so lucky. The Grand Lucayan Resort is located on Grand Bahama, and Dorian shattered its community, damaging the property badly. Chairman of the casino, Michael Scott, described this event as a “catastrophic and dystopian mess.” The facility is still operable and currently provides shelter for those in need.

According to officials of the resort, the hurricane managed to wipe out entire towns that are located on the Abaco Islands. According to some measurements, Dorian was the strongest hurricane that has happened in the Bahamas since 1935.

The Gaming Industry Responds

The gaming industry kept close ties in the times of need, especially when natural disasters struck. Some of the resorts opened doors to those that required shelter, while others donated millions of dollars in order to help people who were struck by the natural disaster.

In the case of the Dorian hurricane, the resort Atlantis Bahamas is working closely with the Red Cross and collaborating with the chef of the World Central Kitchen in order to provide food and other necessary supplies to all people who are located in the northern islands and are affected by the hurricane.

Apart from the Bahamas, the resort which many predicted would be affected by the hurricane was the Seminole Hard Rock Hollywood located in Florida. It has a 450-foot high tower that resembles a guitar, and it is located approximately 40 miles from West Palm Beach. It was forecast that Dorian would land there. However, the hurricane changed its route and turned north, sparing Florida along the way.

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