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Caesars Entertainment Proposes a Partnership to Japan

Ryan Knuppel

Caesars Entertainment has gone all in when it comes to the whole Japan and the IR that were allowed by the Japanese officials. Caesars is just one of the several casino operators that are hoping to get a license to build and operate in the country of the rising sun. As soon as the Upper and the Lower house voted yes on building three Integrated Resorts in this country, it has been a real chaos when it comes to the licenses, as all of the operators are doing their best to become the first choice of the officials who will give the licenses.

Been a Wild Ride

Caesars made numerous announcements, all of which are connected to improving Japan in one way or another. All of these announcements are a part of the bigger plan to get the license and win in the ferocious competition that has been raging on for a couple of months now. One of the most concrete initiatives that Caesars took was providing images which depicted the possible IR that would be located at the Yamashita Pier in Yokohama.

The concept image was highly inspired by the legendary painting by Hokusai, called The Great Wave. Furthermore, the officials at Caesars even provided the name for the fictional IR – The Yokohama Art & Culture Park and Entertainment Resort. However, it seems that the whole idea faced strong opposition from the Japanese side, especially when it comes to the citizens of Yokohama who unanimously agreed that they do not want to have an Integrated Resort in their city. Their opposition is supported by Yukio Fujuki, who is a chairman of YTA (Yokohama Transport Association). They are the main body which is responsible for the Yamashita Pier area and without their agreement, it would be rather difficult to build the proposed IR in this place.

Another thing that Caesars wants to add exclusively for the residents of Japan is the unique casino entry system. The people who come to the casino will be registered via smartphones. All of them will be tracked so that their gaming is monitored. The biggest use for this technology is to detect the possible problem gamblers and put a stop to their activities as soon as possible. However, the system, however intrusive and strict, is still not enough for the requirements proposed by the Japanese side. The Japanese require a “MyNumber Card” that would be produced every time someone walks into a casino.

OnGoing Plan

Caesars also stated that they stated more than $223,000 on promoting responsible gambling in this country. The funds were allocated in February 2017, which means that they have been spending approximately $30,000 monthly on responsible gambling initiatives in Japan. The company even stated that they plan to add more money to this cause and spend them even quicker in Japan. Finally, the team of professionals who will advocate for Caesars to get the license in Japan is rapidly expanding, and the two names that currently pop up on the list of company representatives in this country are Shinya Okiyama and Kengo Nishimura.

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