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Basic Plan For Fighting Gambling Problems Revealed in Japan

Ryan Knuppel

Basic Plan For Fighting Gambling Problems Revealed in JapanJapan is working around the clock in order to choose the winners for the first three IR licenses, but there are still many things that they need to address and solve before they reveal their final choice. One of the problems that the country is actively preparing for is problem gambling which is present nowadays at pachinko parlors and many fear it would become present in IRs. Therefore, the Country of the Rising Sun came up with a ‘basic plan’ that should put an end to problems related to gambling.

According to a Kyodo News report, the cabinet of Japan has approved a very simple plan that is likely to have a lot of success if everything is done well. Namely, the plan suggests removing withdrawal machines from all pachinko parlors in the country. Furthermore, the machines will be withdrawn from all gambling venues run by the government such as keirin cycle tracks and horse races. The idea of this plan is quite straightforward and suggests that people would be disheartened to continue gambling if they cannot withdraw cash right away.

Naturally, the plan is much more comprehensive and also includes a couple of other steps that need to be taken in order to stop and prevent problems related to gambling. Therefore, it calls for research in order to determine how to keep underage and problem gamblers out of establishments related to gambling by using an ID check system. Furthermore, the basic plan suggests that all ads that promote gambling should include mandated warnings about possible addiction related to this activity. Furthermore, in order to put a stop to problem gamblers, the plan suggests putting a restriction of online bets size.

Consultation And Treatment Hubs

Apart from the suggested measures described above, the plan also suggests that all 47 prefectures and 20 cities should include hubs for consultation and treatments of problems related to gambling. All hubs will have to cooperate with other private organizations that are established to fight gambling addiction.

Yoshihide Suga, Chief Cabinet Secretary, stated that they would create a ‘healthy society’ by implementing measures which are all based on the basic plan in order to prevent people from becoming problem gamblers and find themselves in unfortunate situations. All of the measures taken and included in the basic plan have but one thing in common – to protect the locals from becoming addicted once the three IRs are opened in Japan. The government of Japan is thinking years ahead and preparing everything for IRs. However, they will not be completed any time soon, as their completion is expected in 2025.

According to analysts, the three areas that are most likely to receive an integrated resort are Osaka, Yokohama, Hokkaido as these cities have the highest potential to receive additional tourists once the resorts are built. Although many agree that Japan has the potential to become as big as Las Vegas and Macau, these measures may put a stop to its growth.

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