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Angels Vs. Demons — A New Slot Announced By AGames

Ryan Knuppel

The battle between the good and the bad is a never-ending one which exists in many mythologies and religions. The most prototypical characters representing these two opposing forces are Angels and Demons. Inspired by mythology and religion, the slot development team at AGames made a new slot which would feature these mythical creatures. One of the tasks will be to choose either light or dark side and let them decide your fortune in this brand new slot called Angels vs Demons.

A Unique Contrasting Design

Angels and Demons is a slot that features a type of design that shows the contrast between the two opposing forces. The left side of the screen is painted in blueish colour, depicting a high castle and blue skies, representing the forces of Good and the residence of the Angels. On the other hand, the right side of the screen is filled with warm colours, representing the hellish atmosphere of the underworld dwellers. They also seem to live in a ghastly castle filled with nightmares.

Bonus Features and Symbols

According to the paytable in the game, all of the symbols in the game represent either one force or the other. You can either land symbols that are connected to the Angels that reside in heaven, or the Demons who lurk from the depths of hell. This also means that there are two Wild symbols — the Angel wild and the Demon Wild. Both of them are actually Moving Wilds and the one connected to the angels is available on the first reel, whereas the one related to the demons is on the fifth reel. If you land the Angel Wild, it will move one place to the right and provide a respin.

The same goes for the Demon Wild which will move one place to the left and offer a respin whenever you manage to land it on the fifth reel. Both of the Wilds will substitute all other symbols on the reels and increase your chances of winning valuable cash prizes. If you manage to merge the two types of Wilds together, you will activate the Free Spins feature. This feature may differ a bit, depending on the reel where the merging happens.

Another interesting bonus is called Totem Bonus and it consists of five spins and Wilds moving towards the middle reel, but there’s a catch. Both wilds are whole totems that occupy the entire first and fifth reels. This means that there is a huge opportunity to create a lot of combos and win a lot of money. The game features 20 paylines which are fixed and you can choose to bet anywhere from 0.01 to 10.00. You can try this game on their official website as the team at AGames has already provided a demo which is available for free.

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