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A Dealer From Maryland Helps Players With Cheating – $1Million Stolen

Ryan Knuppel

A dealer who was dealing card in baccarat pleaded guilty to helping players cheat a casino in Maryland and win more than $1 million from the cheats, according to the Associated Press. In September 2017, Ming Zhang lifted the deck in order to show the players a part of the deck that was not shuffled. At the same time, the player who was sitting in front of the dealer managed to photograph the cards. This allowed them to place great bets at the right time and, thus, win great sums of money.

Erin Pulice, who is an assistant to the US Attorney, stated that when a player knew the order of cards in baccarat, they would be much easier to predict the outcome of each game with an accuracy that is “near-perfect.” According to Pulice, the whole cheating episode cost the casino a total sum of $1,046,560. There was a lot of it for the dealer as well, and that is the first place why he wanted to trick the casino. He made a deal with the players to receive a cut of their winnings in order to participate in the scam. He is currently facing a possible sentence of up to five years in prison.

The name of the particular casino is not mentioned anywhere – not even in the court documents. However, according to the MGM National Harbor spokesperson, we can conclude that one of the former casinos that employed Zhang was in the D.C. area. The spokesman is named Malik Husser, and he stated that Ming Zhang would no longer be an employee of MGM National Harbor. He added that they had provided full support and cooperation with the investigation that was conducted by the authorities.

What’s Going on With Zhang

According to Carole Gentry, who is the Maryland Lottery and Gaming Control Agency spokesperson, Zhang’s license is currently under the process of being revoked by the state and he would no longer be available to be an employee in any casino in Maryland. Given to his corrupt nature and the history of offenses, it is highly unlikely that he would be able to work in the casino industry anywhere in the world. Zhang already had certain accusations of conducting offenses prior to the last one that is connected to MGM. Reportedly, he was accepted a $1000 from the co-conspirator who had tried to carry out a similar scheme in the period between July 2017 and September 2017.

This is not the first time a dealer has been caught helping players to win more money and cheat in the casinos. One of the recent famous cases is connected to Phil Ivey’s scheme where he managed to win more than a $1 million in the casinos in Borgata and in Crockfords Casino in the UK. Both times (in both casinos), the court took casinos’ side and accused the dealers along with Phil Ivey.

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